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Darkweb OSINT links and new 2023 resources

tor osint

Despite numerous darknet markets and vendors being taken down or going offline in the last 6 – 8 months, there has not been any major change to the darkweb OSINT resources since the publication of the most recent list of resources.

Most of the links listed there should work without any issues (famous last words, I know…).

At the same time, I decided to supplement our existing sources with several additions that I collected over time.

So here they are.

NOTE: The indexer services like those pasted below operate by listing links collected by bots and scrapers. The whole process is automated, which means there is unlikely to be anybody vetting these links in terms of legality and harmful content.

Make sure to do your own due diligence and practice restraint. Use common sense especially before you click on anything. I advise against clicking on anything that might suggest the presence of illegal content!

Onion websites indexing services

Data leaks

  • Distributed Denial of Secrets – the .onion site of a popular collective DDoSecrets, specialising in publication and archiving of various leaks.


  • Leaked Instagram passwords – the name says it all…


  • Trashchan public DB dump – sanitized public database dumps of various sorts.


  • Anon Leaks – this one is a hybrid between a news site and a leaks site…



  • The Tor Times – news from all around the darkweb.


  • Electronic Frontier Foundation – privacy news and updates.



  • – darkweb version of a popular URL archiving site (clearnet).


  • Online-Test – for checking if a .onion site is currently online / offline.


  • Captchas on the darkweb – an archived article by Osintery covering the 5 most used types of CAPTCHAs on the darkweb.

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