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Darkweb OSINT – new working links and resources

tor osint

The time has come to update this slightly neglected section of the blog.

Things change at a rapid pace in the darknet – markets get taken down or exit scam, forums get DDOS-ed and the most common problem is the short lifespan of the average .onion domain.

So, even though most of the previously posted content still works (apart from anything V2, that is), it’s time to refresh the list of resources.

All of the links listed below are 100% functional at the time of writing and they were all tested out.

NOTE: I can’t emphasise  this enough – for anybody who would think of using any of the resources from this list to buy some illegal goods or services – NEARLY ALL darknet entities that purport to sell anything are SCAMS.

The vast majority of people who try to buy anything from darknet vendors get scammed – so don’t bother. There is a 95% chance that you won’t receive anything and you’ll only end up funding some fraudsters in Russia or another lawless country.

Tor search engines

Several popular Tor search engines were listed previously here – this time we have some less known, more obscure and less reliable ones.

Results are mixed, so don’t expect the usual accuracy of a Google search.

Various Tor links & directories

Resources listed below can be used for monitoring darknet markets and similar illicit entities. Note that some of these contain a random amalgamation of links.

Onion links directories in particular may contain many dead links, depending on how often they get updated. Some of the aggregator sites will indicate if a given domain is  currently active / down, which can save you a lot of time.

Hosting services

The knowledge of the darknet hosting providers landscape is important for any investigator, since all of the entities that can be investigated have to be hosted somewhere.

Here are some examples of the currently heavily promoted (on Tor search engines), privacy oriented hosting providers that might be of interest to law enforcement or private online investigators:

Tor learning and education

It might sounds surprising, but Tor is a good place to learn things – especially things about Tor and the dark web.

Here we have some decent resources from a variety of fields of expertise.

Miscellaneous reading

Here are some resources that can’t be easily categorised – blogs, discussion boards, small forums, and everything in between.

There can be some unfiltered content in those links, so beware – I guess like always when it comes to darknet browsing.


This is it for now, stay tuned for more dark web related content in the very near future.

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