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20+ links for IoT and webcam search engines

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This week’s post touches on a conversation I recently had with one of the readers about how IoT devices and webcams can be found and used for OSINT purposes.

So I created two lists of resources that I find helpful.

Be sure to use advanced search features where available in order to make your search criteria and the respective results as accurate as possible.

IoT device search engines

  • Shodan – the good old reliable tool of choice for anything from vulnerabilities, devices old and new, IP address recon, threat intelligence and many more. The proverbial Swiss knife of web based OSINT.
  • Censys – my personal close second to Shodan, it often produces different results and offers alternative insights and detections. 
  • Binary Edge – comprehensive detection of cloud attack surface, remote access, and IoT devices. Can also be used to monitor torrents.
  • ZoomEye – advertised as China’s first cyberspace search engine, constantly updated and developed with new features. A good tool to complement Shodan and Censys.
  • IVRE – a network recon framework, advertising itself as “Satellite imagery” for cyberspace.
  • Netlas – a freemium tool allowing for limited searching of hosts by IP addresses.
  • Grey Noise – good for searching vulnerable IoT devices by CVEs. Has a very handy Trends dashboard, allowing to see what has been trending for the last 3 days, why and how malicious these trends are.
  • Wigle – this years old war driving engine is still useful for finding Wi-Fi networks and associated devices.
  • SynapsInt – described by its creators as “The unified OSINT research tool”, it offers some capabilities of IoT searching, albeit depending a lot on the quality of your input parameters.
  • VARIoT – this tool is part of an EU funded project that aims to deliver actionable information regarding IoT devices and contribute to a safer IoT ecosystem. The team behind it runs an information security new feed here.
  • Criminal IP – a relatively new tool on the scene and not strictly and IoT search engine, but it offers many capabilities for finding IoT devices based on known values.


  • Moldovan border crossings – an official list of webcams at various border crossings around Moldova, one of the interesting ones to watch given the increasing tensions and possibilities of Russian aggression.
  • GeocamRU – good coverage of webcams in Russia and in Ukraine.
  • LiveTraffic – close to 5.5k of various street cameras around Europe. Ideal for checking road conditions.
  • Insecam – advertised as the “biggest directory of online surveillance security cameras”. 
  • WebKams – a collection of links to >30k live and openly available cameras in 127 countries and territories worldwide, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Earthcam – mainly US webcams, but the website also has a webcam map of the world link (gets slow when zooming in close, so be aware).
  • Webcamtaxi – similar idea as the one above. Many feeds are linking to YouTube channels live streaming camera footage.
  • Webcam Hopper – CCTV footage from mainly airports and city centres.
  • Worldcam – over 20k various live cameras, footage quality differs widely.
  • WorldCams – fast and snappy search features and a wide selection of video feeds.
  • Skyline Webcams – multiple webcams showing famous landmarks worldwide, with multiple other search options available.

NOTE: As always, please submit any links you have and would recommend to the OSINT community.

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