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List of 100+ hacker, cracker, carder & cyber criminal forums for investigators

Update: Within less than 24h, thanks to the amazing OSINT community, this list has expanded from 60+ to 100+ links – and it continues to grow!

Thanks to everybody for their suggestions and submissions.

Special thanks are owed to Jeremy Makowski (second name coincidence, LOL – what are the chances!), whose contribution was the most significant. You should follow him on Linkedin for high quality posts, updates, tips and more.

Any self-respecting threat intelligence analyst or cybercrime investigator out there knows the importance of monitoring certain online forums for signs of trouble, from data breaches, leaks, to malware infections or vulnerabilities that are being exploited out in the wild.

I can’t remember how many times I tried to create and update lists of various forums, only to ultimately fall behind and give up; only to subsequently start once again and repeat the same scenario over and over.

This list is probably the most coherent and conscious attempt to put everything in one place.

Note that at the time of writing this, all of the links have been tested and all were verified to be in working order.


  • This list is created for the use and benefit of the OSINT community and the likeminded investigators – for information purposes only.
  • It is NOT designed to address, promote, debate, judge or report any questionable behaviour or action that can be found on any of the sites linked below.
  • This list contains clearnet resources only. A similar darkweb forum list might be created in the future (or it might not).
  • Bundling together hacking, cracking, carding and general cybercrime might be a trigger for some people. All of these activities are not and should not be treated on par; a lot of the content found on the websites listed below is not in any way illegal, nefarious or malicious. The bundling together was done for convenience.
  • However, researchers might come across evidence of illegal activities on some of these forums.
  • The listed resources are predominantly in the English language, but there are also some Russian ones thrown into the mix there, followed by several other languages.

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive and is likely to get outdated pretty soon. Please report any dead links to me, and don’t forget to contribute new links that I left out!

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21 thoughts on “List of 100+ hacker, cracker, carder & cyber criminal forums for investigators”

  1. You should do an update on this. Add the new sites and cut it down to the 50 that have either been around the longest, have a good reputation or have the most users.

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