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30 best OSINT extensions for Google Chrome

Today a quick post listing some essential OSINT utilities for the Google Chrome browser.

Browser extensions are something that every self-respecting OSINT investigator should use and be familiar with.

They can be hugely helpful in terms of ease of use and managing the flow of your investigation – not to mention a productivity improvement.

One important caveat: When engaging in sensitive investigations where user identity and digital footprint can adversely impact your operational security, it might be a good idea to use a default, clean installation of a browser, with no extensions on it.

Websites you visit can profile you by your user agent and detect the extensions your browser has installed – so just be aware of it before you add all of the 30 extensions listed below into your browser!

I have used all of these OSINT focused Chrome extensions and I can attest to the fact they are working well (at least at the time of writing) – some better than others, that’s why I included potential functional duplicates here.

OK, so here goes our list:

  1. Browser Video Downloader – video downloader from from Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook.
  2. BuiltWith Technology Profiler – for checking what a website is built with, what technologies are present.
  3. Contacts+ for Gmail – for profiling contacts added to an investigative Gmail account.
  4. Double Shot Search: Query side-by-side – allows searching in both Bing and Google at the same time by showing the results from both search engines side by side.
  5. Email extract – searches for and extracts email addresses on pages you visit.
  6. Exif Viewer Pro – for checking EXIF data of any image you view in Google Chrome.
  7. Fake news debunker by InVID & WeVerify – for fact-checking details and reverse image searching across several search engines.
  8. Fast Advanced Google Search – turns every regular Google search into an advanced one, with various search customisation options coming up instantly.
  9. Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker – for blocking ads, trackers and for generally faster browsing.
  10. Google Similar Pages – locates and displays web pages similar to the page you’re currently browsing.
  11. Google Translate – probably the best and the most popular machine learning translation engine.
  12. Hunter – Email Finder Extension – for email address and domain search. Requires an account on Hunter.
  13. Instant Data Scraper – extracts data from web pages and exports it as Excel or CSV files.
  14. IP Address and Domain Information – IP, ISP and domain info lookup tool.
  15. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool – a freemium extension for finding semantically similar phrases and keywords of interest.
  16. Mitaka – for searching IPs, domains, URLs and hashes.
  17. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder – for screenshots and screen capture.
  18. Privacy Badger – for enhanced privacy, including blocking invisible trackers.
  19. RevEye Reverse Image Search – reverse image searching with Google, Bing, Yandex, and TinEye.
  20. Save to Pocket – freemium extension for saving and tagging articles and posts that you intend to read later.
  21. Search by Image – another reverse search extension for images.
  22. Simplescraper ⁠— a fast and free web scraper – for automated scraping and saving websites as CSV or JSON files.
  23. Sputnik – another one for looking up IPs, domains, hashes, etc.
  24. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely – FireShot – for full page screen capture.
  25. TinEye Reverse Image Search – official TinEye extension for Chrome. For reverse image searching.
  26. uBlock Origin – for ultimate privacy and opsec. One of my favourite extensions.
  27. Unpaywall – for accessing articles that are available elsewhere for free.
  28. User-Agent Switcher and Manager – for changing your user agents. 
  29. Wayback Machine – for accessing archived websites.
  30. Wappalyzer – another extension for analysing what websites are built with.

Bonus: recommended by readers

SingleFile – allows to download a complete page with its various elements into a single HTML file.

* If you know a good OSINT extension that is not included on the list, drop it in the comments below! *

3 thoughts on “30 best OSINT extensions for Google Chrome”

  1. Dont use other ad blocks with ublock. Just stick to only ublock origin. Plus having all these extensions is kinda bad because it increases your attack surface and makes you more identifiable to sites. A lot of these kinds of tools can just be done in a browser tab, no extension needed

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