30 best OSINT extensions for Google Chrome

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Today a quick post listing some essential OSINT utilities for the Google Chrome browser.

Browser extensions are something that every self-respecting OSINT investigator should use and be familiar with.

They can be hugely helpful in terms of ease of use and managing the flow of your investigation – not to mention a productivity improvement.

One important caveat: When engaging in sensitive investigations where user identity and digital footprint can adversely impact your operational security, it might be a good idea to use a default, clean installation of a browser, with no extensions on it.

Websites you visit can profile you by your user agent and detect the extensions your browser has installed – so just be aware of it before you add all of the 30 extensions listed below into your browser!

I have used all of these OSINT focused Chrome extensions and I can attest to the fact they are working well (at least at the time of writing) – some better than others, that’s why I included potential functional duplicates here.

OK, so here goes our list:

  1. Browser Video Downloader – video downloader from from Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook.
  2. BuiltWith Technology Profiler – for checking what a website is built with, what technologies are present.
  3. Contacts+ for Gmail – for profiling contacts added to an investigative Gmail account.
  4. Double Shot Search: Query side-by-side – allows searching in both Bing and Google at the same time by showing the results from both search engines side by side.
  5. Email extract – searches for and extracts email addresses on pages you visit.
  6. Exif Viewer Pro – for checking EXIF data of any image you view in Google Chrome.
  7. Fake news debunker by InVID & WeVerify – for fact-checking details and reverse image searching across several search engines.
  8. Fast Advanced Google Search – turns every regular Google search into an advanced one, with various search customisation options coming up instantly.
  9. Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker – for blocking ads, trackers and for generally faster browsing.
  10. Google Similar Pages – locates and displays web pages similar to the page you’re currently browsing.
  11. Google Translate – probably the best and the most popular machine learning translation engine.
  12. Hunter – Email Finder Extension – for email address and domain search. Requires an account on Hunter.
  13. Instant Data Scraper – extracts data from web pages and exports it as Excel or CSV files.
  14. IP Address and Domain Information – IP, ISP and domain info lookup tool.
  15. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool – a freemium extension for finding semantically similar phrases and keywords of interest.
  16. Mitaka – for searching IPs, domains, URLs and hashes.
  17. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder – for screenshots and screen capture.
  18. Privacy Badger – for enhanced privacy, including blocking invisible trackers.
  19. RevEye Reverse Image Search – reverse image searching with Google, Bing, Yandex, and TinEye.
  20. Save to Pocket – freemium extension for saving and tagging articles and posts that you intend to read later.
  21. Search by Image – another reverse search extension for images.
  22. Simplescraper ⁠— a fast and free web scraper – for automated scraping and saving websites as CSV or JSON files.
  23. Sputnik – another one for looking up IPs, domains, hashes, etc.
  24. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely – FireShot – for full page screen capture.
  25. TinEye Reverse Image Search – official TinEye extension for Chrome. For reverse image searching.
  26. uBlock Origin – for ultimate privacy and opsec. One of my favourite extensions.
  27. Unpaywall – for accessing articles that are available elsewhere for free.
  28. User-Agent Switcher and Manager – for changing your user agents. 
  29. Wayback Machine – for accessing archived websites.
  30. Wappalyzer – another extension for analysing what websites are built with.

* If you know a good OSINT extension that is not included on the list, drop it in the comments below! *

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