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20+ OSINT resources for breach data research

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In the recent weeks data breaches and leaks have been a hot topic.

My previous post on the Facebook data dump gained unexpected traction and was quoted by several media outlets, including The Irish Times.

Several readers contacted me with questions about good sources of information for researching the breach data topic.

While I am reluctant to post any direct links to breaches and leaks, I decided to create a list of resources which should allow you a decent level of insight into breach data OSINT.

These are the ones I have used in the past and verified them to be working, at least at the time of writing this post. As always, if you know of any additional resources, add them in the comments.

So here we go:

  • – free searching. Allows to verify emails and search them against breach data records. Paid plans enable alerts and notifications of newly surfaced leaks featuring a given email.
  • – free tool with a decent level of breach data details.

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