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List of recommended OSINT newsletters

osint newsletters

One of the most important parts of the OSINT mindset is the drive to continuously research new tools, capabilities and sources of information. Currently the problem with online sources is not their shortage, but their abundance. Here I list some personal recommendations for newsletters that provide good quality updates for all things OSINT and more.

I also want to use this opportunity to announce the sunsetting of my own Osint Me Newsletter, which has had over 1.000 subscribers and a steady readership, including email addresses from various government agencies around the world, reporters, private and public figures including at least two VIPs – state ministers (I was honoured and flattered, truly).

The main reasons for the newsletter’s departure are simply the lack of time and the shifting of priorities.

Creating and regularly delivering high quality content that is free from monetisation requires time and effort. Instead of trying to do a half-decent, irregular job with a newsletter for a website that does not publish “news” per se, I thought it would be more beneficial to direct readers to some really good alternatives.

Note that I will continue to publish free and hopefully more regular content here.

Please connect with me or follow me on Linkedin, which has become my main content sharing tool, after the unfortunate Twitter debacle and its descent into a mess riddled with scammy ads and offensive content.

If you were a subscriber, you don’t need to take any action – your email address will be removed from the database in the next few days and you will receive no more content from the Osint Me Newsletter.

So, let’s explore some good quality OSINT newsletters that you might want to consider as alternatives:

  • Bullsh*t Hunting – authored by a Canada based duo, Justin Seitz and MJ Banias.
  • Cyb Detective’s Substack – from a prolific OSINT community member, guaranteed to contain fresh tips, tools and updates. The author previously featured in an interview here.
  • Digital Digging – by Henk van Ess from the Netherlands, it cover various OSINT topics and recently focuses on various applications of AI for online research.
  • Digital Investigations – another Substack based newsletter, this one is by Craig Silverman, a national reporter with ProPublica and the former media editor of BuzzFeed News.
  • Forensic OSINT Newsletter – from the creators of Forensic OSINT, Ritu Gill and Robert Merriott. Covers tools, techniques, OSINT news, insights and opinions.
  • OSINT Ambition – an up and coming new publication providing regular news and updates.
  • OSINT Jobs – despite the name reflecting what it is, this newsletter has more to offer – including tradecraft tips and tricks, as well as some updates from the wider OSINT industry and community.
  • OSINT Newsletter – by Jake Creps. Followed by an impressive 16.000 readers at the time of writing this, solid content, definitely worth a try.
  • Osint Team – a monthly newsletter featuring a variety of authors; previously popular on Medium.
  • Sector035 – weekly OSINT updates and handpicked news from a long-standing member of the OSINT community (who also featured in an interview here).

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