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Shodan, OSINT & IoT Devices – my first ever online course

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A short and sweet post this time:

Just over a month ago I did a piece on IoT devices and how they contribute to digital privacy invasions in our homes (check it out here).

I briefly mentioned Shodan and I said that I had something in store on that end.

So here it is – my first ever online course is out and starting NOW.

It’s on OSINT, IoT and Shodan.

1h long, no bullshit. Everything is hands on.

Nearly half of the seats sold already, priced very reasonably.

And you get a handy cert.

If you’re interested, here it is:

The course will focus on finding security vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things online devices using Shodan.

This workshop will be especially useful for those who want to learn more about OSINT, cybersecurity, and technology in general.

Hope you people find it useful.

Reach out directly with feedback, suggestions and things I could do better.

Opinions and criticism appreciated!

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