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Free digital forensics training from Autopsy

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In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Basis Technology is offering free online Autopsy training to everyone.

Warning: this offer ends May 15, 2020!

Normally, this type of training costs $500 and is offered to member law enforcement and other employees of government departments.

I jumped on this as soon as I realised it was released, but somehow I forgot to share it here.

There are still 2 weeks left to complete this.

The course is scheduled to take 8 hours but with labs and exercises it is likely to take longer. It’s still doable with 2 days of casual study and practising.

For those not familiar with Autopsy, it’s a free open source toolkit for digital forensic examination of files and images of digital storage media.

The main advantage of Autopsy is that it’s free, so it allows the creation of cost effective digital forensics solutions even for smaller organisations on a minimum budget.

Autopsy offers the same core features as other (paid!) digital forensics tools and offers other essential features, such as web artefact analysis and registry analysis.

But enough of waffling. Here is the link.

When you enrol, you will get the following files, which include practice E01 files:

…and a free certificate upon completion. 

I could not recommend this course enough!

I think its great, especially if you are looking for some hands on experience with digital forensics or maybe eyeing up a career as a computer examiner or a cyber incident responder.

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