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OSINT resources for tracking the spread of coronavirus

I wasn’t planning on doing a post this weekend, until I started casually looking at the news coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Casually” turned into a bit of spontaneous OSINT research and here we are.

Therefore I will keep this short and sweet, so straight to the point:

Coronavirus FAQs:

Unless you have a medical background, you might not know what a coronavirus is. 

I didn’t, until I found this exhaustive explanation from Live Science.

Equally good, albeit shorter is a piece from Harvard Medical School.

NOTE: For those of you who enjoy science fiction, horrors and zombie apocalypse movies: the coronavirus outbreak happened in Wushan County, Chongqing – the same place where the zombie virus outbreak takes place in World War Z…

Real Time Update Map:

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) created this super-functional, live update global map monitoring the outbreak and its spread.

I also found this map, not sure who is hosting this but there is a 24/7 news feed accompanying it and displaying the most current news on the map

Health Live Map

Interactive Analysis Platform:

Mobs Lab aggregated updates provided by (use Google Translate to read the updates) and other publicly available data sources to extract key information in near real-time.

EpiRisk outbreak analysis platform

Situation Report Mainland China – spreadsheet

Relative risk for importing the infection via international travel – dashboard

Media coverage from corroborated sources:

Take your pick here on media channels and coverage, but I have to say I found this piece from Bloomberg amongst the best reporting on this issue out there:

Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World

BNO News isn’t bad either with their updates:

Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline

South China Morning Post provides this handy widget with the most relevant stats:

Wuhan Virus


This is it from me on the topic of the coronavirus.
If you have any thoughts or anything to share, post as comment below or reach out on Twitter, @osintme

4 thoughts on “OSINT resources for tracking the spread of coronavirus”

  1. thank you very much, a very thorough listing of really interesting sites to keep up with the outbreak.
    I should be working but reading all info instead! thanks for taking the time to gather it all!

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