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Osint Me Tricky Thursday #1 – OSINT methods

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Welcome to Osint Me Tricky Thursday!

This thread will be published on Thursdays (probably not every Thursday, but as regularly as possible) and will contain some useful tips & tricks and OSINT techniques for making open source intelligence investigations easier.

Without further ado, let’s go.

1. - map of tweets from a specific area – here you can access a real time map of tweets coming from various locations of interest to you.

The tweets included here are only “fresh” tweets and they are displayed as soon as they’re received. No tweet location is older than a fraction of a minute.

Other useful options available here include:

Tweeplers also allows to search tweets by specific GPS coordinates

2. - find email accounts – domain search, email finder and verifier, all in one tool.

This is a paid product, but the free version allows for up to 50 free searches per month. All records stored by this service come from open source and public records.

3. - comprehensive website information – contains plenty of useful details about any website, from IP addresses, sub-domains, links, certificates, hosting details, to live screenshots.

“ is a service to scan and analyse websites. When a URL is submitted to, an automated process will browse to the URL like a regular user and record the activity that this page navigation creates. This includes the domains and IPs contacted, the resources (JavaScript, CSS, etc) requested from those domains, as well as additional information about the page itself. will take a screenshot of the page, record the DOM content, JavaScript global variables, cookies created by the page, and a myriad of other observations.

Finally, will try to make a verdict whether the scanned website is considered malicious or suspicious. If the site is targeting the users one of the almost 400 brands tracked by, this will be shown in the scan results.”


4. - find cached websites contains copies of the websites cached by Google.

Google crawls the web and takes snapshots of each page as a backup just in case the current page is not available.

The cache is usually updated every few days.

5. This Person Does Not Exist - AI generated images – allows you to utilise AI that can generate a unique photograph of a person who… does not exist.

Photos generated by this website are based on a huge repository of photographs of human faces and are created using multiple characteristics fed into an artificial intelligence engine.

If you want to read in detail how this works, click here.

The OSINT advantage of this website – unique profile pics for OSINT social media accounts.

These people do not exist

6. Travel With Drone - various drone recordings – a website containing thousands of drone footage recordings from all around the world.

The majority of these videos are submissions made by drone enthusiasts and amateur drone photographers.

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